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  1. Happy Near You

    Từ Canada, với 37 triệu dân bạn bè yêu chuộng tự do & hòa bình: Chúc Mừng Năm Mới mở đầu 20020 tới tất cả các bạn, sức khỏe & hạnh phúc.

    Happy New Year from my city, my province and country Canada.
    From CBC: “It doesn’t matter if you are with the crowd or on the couch you are not alone. This is the New Year Eve. You are with 37 millions friends. We are all wishing you the same thing, a happy healthy brand New Year”
    “May all the tears you shed in 2019 be used to water the seeds you hope you planted for 2020”
    (Mong tất cả những giọt nước mắt rơi của bạn trong năm 2019 dùng để tưới xuống những hạt giống bạn hy vọng trồng xuống sinh mầm mọc lên cho 2020)

    LIVE from Edmonton, AB | Canada’s New Years Eve: Countdown to 2020
    Ring in the new year with special musical performances across Canada!
    Hosted by Rick Mercer in St. John’s, Canada’s New Year’s Eve: Countdown to 2020 features musical performances by Bryan Adams, Walk off the Earth, Tyler Shaw, Heartstreets, William Prince, Alan Doyle, The Dardanelles with Tom Power and Diyet & The Love Soldiers with the Dakhká Khwáan Dancers.
    Tune in to our livestreams in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and Yukon on our Youtube page.


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